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Eric D. Groleau Online Security Expert
Eric D. Groleau's book, Taming the Wild Wild Web Book for Parents: Protect Your Family, Identity and Security Online

Learn the First Step to Secure Your Life Online!

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Eric is renowned to be an excellent communicator and a patient teacher. His passion and willingness to help have made him a sought-after resource, trusted advisor and trainer.

Meet Eric

Eric D. Groleau is the author of Taming the Wild Wild Web for parents, Protect Your Family, Identity and Security Online. His book helps families online. The book was inspired by security issues and concerns which Eric had to deal with while consulting with clients over the last 25 years and discussions with teachers, principals and school personnel.

After achieving success with various companies such as Radio Shack, Nortel, Lotus & IBM, he has now chosen to focus his energy on helping business owners reach wider audiences using online marketing and social media strategies.

Eric spoke at various events in Canada and the United States; he also wrote articles for international magazines and helped fellow authors write and publish books.


Topics include:

Internet Security

Internet Marketing

Social Media


I have used Eric on a number of occasions for client web site development and have always found him to be responsive and flexible. Clients have always been pleased with the results.

Paul Copcutt

Personal Brand Speaker & Consultant, Paul Copcutt, Personal Brand Architect

Over the last several years, Eric has come to my rescue more times than I can count. He has provided me with ongoing IT consulting, training and so much more. Whenever I have a problem or can't figure something out, Eric is my “go-to" guy. He has the ability to quickly and effectively find a solution to any problem I present to him.

Not only is Eric an expert in his field, he is also a warm and caring person and I always feel he has my best interest at heart. I highly recommend him.

Marisa Fererra

Soul-Centered Relationship Coach

Eric assisted me in the marketing and design of a website to rent my Muskoka cottage. He is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

Lloyd Duckman

Duckman Lloyd Insurance & Financial Services

Eric is amazing. In fact I don't know what I would do without his support. I recently launched a new business and Eric was instrumental in helping not only with the site but with all social media aspects of the business. He's also very entrepreneurial and has been an amazing sounding board with tons of great ideas and suggestions.

On a personal note, Eric is one of the most grounded people I know. He's kind, gentle, and unflappable.

Here's the only reason I wouldn't want to recommend him….I don't want him to get so busy that he doesn't have time for me and my business. That's how much I depend on him! I've been using external resources now for 15 years as a sole entrepreneur and he is one of the best ones I've had the pleasure of working with.

Do yourself a favour and use him…just save some time for me.

Sandra Paquette


Eric has more than doubled the size of my business, in less than a year. His insights into online webinar building are exceptional, resulting in an instant increase in my business of 20%. That was from a single webinar.

Whether you're considering his solutions for e-marketing, webinars or other IT applications I highly recommend both Eric and his company…

Rob Regish

Eric has an Amazing Creative insight into Social Media marketing. In my personal opinion I believe he is the best in the industry. Eric shows great energy and effort to help you achieve you goal.

I highly recommend everyone to give a Eric try, not only will your business thrive but you will also gain a friend.

Ameer Rosic

Serial Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor

Contact Eric


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Phone: 1.866.467.9090

I am so grateful to have discovered Eric and all the great services he provides.

He is a wealth of information on all things web, security and marketing related and has been instrumental in helping me to create a website I am proud of and really love, which is quite a feat for my particular and critical artist eyes. He is a generous, caring and understanding person who has time and again gone the extra mile to make sure I am happy with the results. Did I mention he has quite the zest for life? Yes, he does and you’ll soon find yourself inspired if you hire him!

As a true entrepreneur, one of Eric’s greatest talents is brainstorming ideas that have helped me stand out and get noticed in my profession. With his help, my website is well positioned for patrons, designers, and gallery owner’s to discover my work and view my portfolio online – a critical necessity for success in the art world.

Would I recommend Eric? Absolutely! Highly!

Kiernan Antares

Eric does the most beautiful work and websites and always amazes me with his ingenuity and creativity; but more than anything his willingness to help the client and do what is best for them.

He is not only very talented at what he does; but most of all – Eric is incredibly kind and that’s why it’s an absolute joy to work with him. He always listens; is open to others’ ideas and then comes up with even better suggestions, which have easily swayed me to his side – because his suggestions always make more sense.

Eric is the consummate professional and has deep IT skills, derived from working with major corporations and the big giants in the IT industry – he has so much to offer any client who is lucky enough to work with him.

I have worked with many IT people before, but never anyone more skilled or nicer to work with! Retain his services; you will be amazed and thrilled!

Leora Bach

Bach Associates Consulting Inc.